enjoying the new ride and working out the kinks

I’m loving this bike. It is extremely fast off the line. Lots of torque through the gears. It is small and nimble. A dangerously fast toy to rip around on. Everywhere I ride it people ask me about it and want to know if it is brand new, what year, who built it, etc…
Yesterday I had a great comment… Somebody saw the bike and was complementing me about it and they asked if I ever saw the bright blue BMW kinda like it…. Ha ha… that is my other bike!

I’m still sorting out the front suspension with the Gold Valve Emulator. I have it pretty close but i think a different set of springs might be in order.
I got a lighter set of YSS rear springs for the rear shocks and they helped my kidneys out when riding on the horrible Los Angeles freeways.

I’m still experiencing some charging woes and I think I found the culprit.
The aftermarket 3 wire harness we bought from Euro Moto Electrics along with an Enduralast Diode board didn’t make it too far. I started re-grounding wires and scratching my head a lot until I found this hiding behind the diode board. No Good.
broken Euro Moto Electrics diode wire photo photo1_zps1b015181.jpg

I’m charging the battery back up and i’ll do some more testing tonight.

My good friends shot me riding the bike a few weeks back. Here are a few out-takes from Kevin Vu. I’m saving the good ones for publication (hopefully)… and still waiting to see the shots my friend Lauren got.