BMW Motorcycle Tech Tips and Tricks

I am not an expert in any way. Please don’t hold me responsible for any mishaps.
If there is an error in my postings, i’d appreciate a friendly note and I’ll make a correction.
I am posting these tips to be of assistance to others and to keep more classic airhead BMW motorcycles on the road.

Ride Safe!


Motorcycle frame alignment jig

Center stand improvements on a typical airhead BMW motorcycle:

Installing a new steering lock from BMW.

Reinforce the passenger peg, rear brake, muffler hanger section of a BMW airhead frame:ā€¦n-bmw-motorcycle/

The size difference between a short wheelbase subframe and long wheel base:

swingarm short long BMW

Short wheelbase subframe vs long wheel base


Fixing leaking front fork studs on a /5 BMW motorcycle fork slider:

Disassembled /5 Fork Anatomy:

A photo of the triple tree bearing removal tool in action:

Steering race removal:

Steering race and bearing install:

Race Tech Gold Valve Emulators


Swing arm races and bearings install:


Lightened flywheel:

BMW clutch removal done cheaply:

Removing BMW clutch plate with flat head screws:

Installing the Transmission:

1979 and 1980 Boyer Brandsen electronic ignition installation:

BMW /2 or /5 motorcycle key retrofit from Rocky Point Cycles:

Speedometer and headlight wiring

Making custom battery cables:

How to prep or prevent a 5 speed neutral switch from leaking BEFORE you install it:

Attaching a cafe seat pan to a cafe tail section:
Replacing the /5 and /6 cork gascap gasket:

BMW rim offset specs:

BMW R90/6 rear wheel bearing install photos:

BMW Tire sizes for 70’s era motorcycles:

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  1. The starter runs on after replacing the battery. MY K75 1994 Just touching the cable starts the
    motor turning with key on or off. please help

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