1977 BMW R100S Rebuild

This motorcycle was purchased in San Francisco as a basket case. To my knowledge it was in a wreck in 1994, sold in 1996 and torn apart. Then the frame was straightened and powdercoated by the Frame Man in Sacramento. It sat for many years since and I aquired it in 2002 and hid it (and the boxes of parts) in my garage from my baby’s mom until I sold a 1972 Triumph T25 motorcycle to make room for the BMW rebuild. And yes, I regret selling the Triumph but the learning experience I gained from the BMW was priceless. After lots of money and the help of Dave Gardner at Recommended Service (San Francisco), she was fully rebuilt and brought back to life in 2003 and the paint was completed in early 2004.

•Dyna III Electronic Ign
•Thunderchild Diode Board
•Lester Wheels restored from a parts donor bike
•Koni Rear suspension
•Progressive front springs
•Corbin Gunfighter saddle which is tough on my bony ass (I eventually sold it). I use a Denfield motorsport seat due to wanting passengers on the back and a more comfy ride… and it has more storage under it vs a stock seat.
•15mm Handlebar mounted Master Cyl.
•Stainless Brake Lines from Bob’s
•Stainless Kiehan Exhaust from Motobins (I’d recommend buying them in the USA due to the cost of having to ship them back should something be faulty like mine were….But Motobins is quick to ship)
•Aftermarket turn signals. I hate the boxy BMW signals and I recommend finding an alternative though the conversion can be a pain.
•Fully rebuilt engine from crank up. Rebuilt Transmission. Rebuilt Carbs. Rebuilt and painted ATE calipers.
•Round Valve covers.
•Lots of powdercoated goodies such as side stand, rear brake lever, handlebar mounts, grab handle, etc…
•Trimmed front and rear fenders
•”Blue Smoke” Paint by a friend – Robert Montano in Los Angeles.

Finished 1977 BMW R100S


Here is another R100S I restored.  Sadly, I sold it nearly the day I was finished restoring it:

1978 BMW R100S with R90/6 front end. by Josh Withers