’68 Sidecar Conversion

1968 BMW R50/2 with a R90s engine, and R100 Cylinders… with a 1970-something Watsonian sidecar.

This poor beast was sitting in a restaurant with a frozen engine (piston rusted to the cylinder on one side). A woman in a Prius, on her cell phone misjudged the curve, drove through the wall of the restaurant, and hit the rig, sending it into the other wall. The rear fender of the bike was crunched, and the front of the sidecar was damaged. Since it was abused… I might as well do a full restoration on it. Somehow the previous owner had the smaller cylinder barrels floating inside of the case with the larger holes… and plenty of other surprises along the way.

1968 BMW Conversion with Watsonian Sidecar in Bristol Gray, nearly finished.