Shane’s Silver R75/5 Cafe

Engine now pushes out about 900CC due to Siebenrock kit.
Carbs from a R80GS with independent floats
Exhaust Mufflers from a 1937 R12 BMW and came from Poland. Headers and mufflers coated by Jet Hot.
Akront/Morad rims.
Race Tech Gold Valve Front Fork Emulators. San Jose upper fork brace
YSS rear suspension.
Seat, starter cover and front fender from BoxerCafe.
Custom white face speedometer by Palo Alto Speedo
Lightened starter
Lightened flywheel
Custom Cables
Drag style handlebar
Chrome by Polished Treasures with custom white stripes painted on tank panels (by the local pin-stripe guy Jon)
Custom swingarm caps to match Shane’s Porsche torsion bar covers
Tail light is an old British turn signal
And lots of other knick knacks…

Here is a link to Shane’s restoration page showing some of the progress: