Rotor Removal

Once again, I had to return to the old donor engine block for some spare parts. The rotor on the engine to be rebuilt was a rusted mess. The rotor on the donor engine looks brand new. I will test it with an voltmeter to be safe, but being that it is so clean, i am not too worried.

To remove a Rotor, you need to have the rotor puller bolt.
BMW sells it, Huckey BMW sells one, sells one… it is between $5-$10. Or, you can search online on how to make your own. (click the photo to enlarge it)

Once you removed the alternator,
To remove the rotor, all you will need is a 6mm hex bit and a 13mm socket.

Loosen the rotor bolt with the 6mm hex bit and remove it completely. You may need to block the engine from rotating.

Then screw in the puller bolt.

Begin slowly tightening it with the socket until the rotor pops off the crank. That’s it. Done.