1967 Bridgestone 175HS Accolades

1967 Bridgestone 175 Hurricane Scrambler

I’m honored to have won second place at the Southern California 2 Stroke Festival

And, Motorcycle Classics ran a feature on my restoration story!

Motorcycle Classics September/October 2018

Motorcycle Classics September/October 2018

Motorcycle Classics September/October 2018

1978 BMW R100S Restoration

A 1978 BMW R100s fixed up and released back into the wild.

This bike is an absolute dream to ride. It runs amazingly smooth.

I had to go through some serious DMV hoops to get the salvaged title status back on the road with a deadline of 5 months until I incurred DMV penalty fees.  I made it to the registration day with 2 days to spare.

I cleaned, restored, replaced, rebuilt whatever it needed to get it back on the road.  The front end is from a spare R90/6 that I had lying around.


1978 BMW R100S with R90/6 front end. by Josh Withers
1978 BMW R100S with R90/6 front end.  by Josh Withers
1978 BMW R100S with Oshmo emblem by Josh Withers
1978 BMW R100S with R90/6 front end.  by Josh Withers
R100S Straightened in frame jig
Powder Coat
Steering Race installed
Steering Bearings
Steering Bearings
Assembled front end
Forks Rebuild with new fork seals and all the goodies
Reinforced rear frame tab for passenger pegs and muffler hangers
Powder Coated and Reinforced rear frame tab for passenger pegs and muffler hangers
Swing Arm Bearings installed
1978 BMW R100S with R90/6 front end. by Josh Withers


I have a bunch of build and tech updates I need to write but the bike is done!
I had some charging issues that i had to figure out (alternator).
Carbs couldn’t idle low enough so I got a new-ish set of 32mm Bings from an ’84 GS and they work great.
Suspension is tight which can be painful on these horrible Los Angeles roads. I am playing with spring rates and dampening after each ride.
The biggest trouble right now is keeping it clean! I got about 80 miles on the clock.

Glamor photos to come… But her modeling career has begun!

Willow Springs Vintage Races 2013

A day at the races. April 27th, 2013

Learning the rules of the track:

First race:


A friend and fellow BMW /5 rider Jerome Brown on a Honda:

Stacy from the East Side Moto Babes club:

The BMW race representation:




Side Car Races. I wish i got up on the hill to get some photos of them leaning out the sidecars on the turns. Their heads were about 4 inches from the pavement leaning out the side of the sidecar. Crazy. And afterwards I saw that many of the sidecar passengers were women. Rock on ladies!



Anatomy of a BMW sidecar:

I couldn’t agree more:


The people watching was as good as the race watching:



My buddy hanging out at turn #4:

This vintage piece of art was only $250,000:

Swap meet and display bikes:





I’m a sucker for beautiful blue bikes:

This guy has his German priorities straight:

Nice details on this bike:






Finish Line:

Venice Vintage Motorcycle Rally 2012

Just some quick snapshot photos of the day.
It started with a massive group photo of 100’s of bikes at 9AM.
Then a ride up PCH.
Then a party and judging contest on Venice Blvd.
I was there for the beginning and to see some of the winning bikes. Overall it was a good day. Lots of amazing bikes. Hot weather. Cool crowd and some really cool vendors. I’m already looking forward to next year!

Here is where it started… In line with a bunch of other bikes.

For some reason, they broke they broke us into two groups as traffic passed between on Pacific. I’m curious to see how this massive group photo turns out.

My bike in a sea of iron and sweat.

A nice R69S reflected in the tank of my bike.

Great old Norton and the R69

Getting ready to ride

The winning cafe bike (i think).

A 1939 R35 BMW that won ‘best in show’. Well deserved. Congrats to whoever owns it.