Fender Trimming

While i was cutting up the headlight ears, i figured i might as well start trimming and fitting the fenders.

I hope to add some sort of rear fender under the seat to protect all the road grime and pebbles from getting kicked up into the engine area. On one of the donor bikes we acquired, the rear fender had the typical cracks where the mounting points are. But that damage was at the rear mounting points. I’m glad i held onto it because i realized that the two front mounting points have good fiberglass still. I cut the fender down and started fitting it under the seat and with the battery relocation kit.

Typical fiberglass crack on these old fenders.

Nice and whole.

Chop Suey!

It breaks my heart to cut up a brand new fender like this… but i definitely don’t want or need the massive size of the stock fender. So… off goes a few inches. I’ll let the person who preps this for paint do all the clean up and round the edges.

Front Fender custom made for me! Thanks to the guys at Boxercafe.com

Chopped up. The edges still need to be rounded and cleaned up.

Front fender with a test racing stripe

Photos of the rear fender mounted on the bike to come… I still have some trouble shooting to do with the cafe seat…