Finished Bridgestone 175 Hurricane Scrambler photos

This bike is a blast to ride. Fast and zippy for a small bike but next to a real motorcycle, you realize how slow you are going! The restoration took about a year. I had help rebuilding the engine and transmission. A friend Adam helped me weld the bump onto the seat. Chrome, powder coat and paint were all locally sourced. Custom YSS shocks. Assembled by me. The only bummer is that I could not find the correct street Bridgestone tires to put on the bike.

Bridgestone175HS jjw 8514c
Bridgestone175HS jjw 8525c
Bridgestone175HS jjw 8498c
Bridgestone175HS jjw 8511InstaDetails
Bridgestone175HS jjw 8528InstaDetails
1967 Bridgestone 175HS custom silver frame. Coated pipes. Custom seat, handlebars.