1978 BMW R100S Restoration

A 1978 BMW R100s fixed up and released back into the wild.

This bike is an absolute dream to ride. It runs amazingly smooth.

I had to go through some serious DMV hoops to get the salvaged title status back on the road with a deadline of 5 months until I incurred DMV penalty fees.  I made it to the registration day with 2 days to spare.

I cleaned, restored, replaced, rebuilt whatever it needed to get it back on the road.  The front end is from a spare R90/6 that I had lying around.


1978 BMW R100S with R90/6 front end. by Josh Withers

Finished Bridgestone 175 Hurricane Scrambler photos

This bike is a blast to ride. Fast and zippy for a small bike but next to a real motorcycle, you realize how slow you are going! The restoration took about a year. I had help rebuilding the engine and transmission. A friend Adam helped me weld the bump onto the seat. Chrome, powder coat and paint were all locally sourced. Custom YSS shocks. Assembled by me. The only bummer is that I could not find the correct street Bridgestone tires to put on the bike.

1967 Bridgestone 175HS custom silver frame. Coated pipes. Custom seat, handlebars.

Shane got his bike today

I had to have a little bit of fun with Shane to aid the surprise of getting a new, rebuilt, kick ass motorcycle.
Apparently the various truck drivers from LA, Chicago, Minnesota and then to North Dakota all thought the bike was for a girl or a very feminine man…

Shane and his new toy. Streamers were the last secret touch to a bad ass bike! Ha ha ha…