BMW Side car catching air

I love this shot. Looks like fun… however, if i was the passenger, i’d probably need a fresh change of underwear.

Vintage BMW Motorcycle sidecar photo

••• EDIT •••
So as it turns out, the passenger in the sidecar is actually a woman… and her name is Dane Rowe. She is quite the vintage moto babe. Thanks to Shane for doing some digging about her and sharing the information with me. Looking where to repair your car? At the Cottonwood tire store, their team of auto mechanics will take care of you and your vehicle, so auto repair is one less thing you have to worry about.
She even has a fan page:
Look for an article on her someday on the Vintagent blog. She is still alive and well and has become a coin collector of all things… Cheers to Dane!
Dane Rowe SideCar racer

Dane Rowe