Brake Shoes

When Eurotech Motorsports closed down, they had a Siebenrock R75 power kit on sale but it only had one Stainless Steel pushrod tube. While I was placing an order for the remaining pushrod tubes, I figured that I should get some of the brake shoes that Siebenrock sells.
The shoes they sell are Lucas and I am excited to try them out. They appear softer than the hard BMW shoes.
Hard to tell the future but I think we’ll be taking better braking and wearing down brake shoes over poor braking and shoes that never wear down.
Plus, the BMW kit is about twice as expensive as the aftermarket kits out there.

Here is the back of the front brake hub. Remember to lubricate all the pivot pins with grease:

Pivot parts installed:

Bought the gal a new pair of shoes:

Shoes installed. Take note of the different springs. It is important that the thicker spring goes in the proper place:

Don’t forget the snap ring:

I may end up adjusting the arms once the bike is built and the cable is run but for now, i am setting them up in the standard position. The center of the holes should measure 7 inches.

Final Drive:

There is a washer that goes between the pivot pin and the final drive. And remember to lube the pivot pin.

The rear brake shoes were a bit harder to install due to the spring tension. But i find it easiest to install one side, hook up the springs and then bend or snap the other side into place. Make sure everything seats properly.