Let the wiring begin

I can’t be happier to have the bodywork back (and my garage back too!). I can finally start putting some overdue time in on the bike. The zen of wiring begins. A part of the build i actually enjoy problem solving.


Instead of the old, original key switch, we are upgrading to a Rocky Point key ignition. The first step is installing the ‘doughnut’ retainer. You use the same bend-tabs for the ignition board but you bend the tabs on the giant washer instead. This is much easier to install when the headlight is off the bike.


I then installed the chrome key housing cover. Installing the small spring on the black sliding cover was a bit tricky. That black slider needs to weave into the chrome cover and then you have to wrap the spring around the round tab that sticks out of the center of the headlight bucket. Again, another item easier to install when the headlight is off the bike.
Bending the tabs for the chrome cover is really tricky. An assortment of needle-nose pliers helps.


The speedometer is simple to install. Don’t forget the rubber gasket that goes between the headlight and the speedometer.
The orange turn signal indicator is simple to install as well.


Don’t forget to thread the wires through the handlebar switch support piece before you install it into the headlight bucket.


And so it begins….