The Zen of Motorcycle Building

If you have 15 minutes and a set of headphones, plug ’em in and watch this.

Yes, it is about a BMW but more about the zen of building a machine and spending time in the garage.

I’m reminded of the book “Shop Class for Soul Craft” after listening to him talk about his time in the garage. And I’m reminded of how the Buddhist monks will spend great lengths of time building sand sculptures only to have them wash away in the rain. It is more about the process then the end product.

And for some reason, i am also reminded of artist Magritte and “Ceci n’est pas une pipe”. If you try to intellectualize a painting of a pipe, you are missing the point. Magritte made amazing works of art and scoffed at people who tried to intellectualize them. They are what they are… a painting, a photo, a motorcycle…


Deus Ex Machina from Seth C Brown on Vimeo.