San Jose Triple Clamp Preparation

I received a San Jose billet machined upper Triple Clamp the other day. I also went on e-bay and got some headlight ears without the giant holes in the side for the reflectors commonly seen on the /5 BMWs. I believe these headlight ears are from a mid 70’s /6 bmw.
The solid-sided headlight ears will definitely be a cleaner look.
In order to adapt the much more rigid, and better looking fork brace, about .65 inches need to be trimmed from the top of the headlight ears.

San Jose Upper Triple Clamp - My other one is equally scratched. But looks better/or worse at certain angles. It must be the machining process. I don't think i want to powder coat this. The bare alloy looks nice despite the scratches.

Headlight ears and tripple clamp. The ear on the right shows the trimmed piece. The ear on the left illustrates the line for cutting.

I did a quick silver rattle can spray of the headlight ears and roughly threw together the front end to test fit everything.
Also, most aftermarket handlebars are 7/8 sized bars. BMW bars are 22mm which required shaving out the inside of the handlebar clamps for a better fit. Everything seems to fit nicely. She’s gonna be one fine silver beast.

Test assembly of the forks, triple clamp, headlight ears, and handle bar clamps.