Rear Set mount preparation

Before i get the frame blasted and powder coated, i did a test fit with the rear sets. On my last bike, i mounted the rear sets to the plate that the mufflers hang from behind the swingarm bearings. I had to create angled shims to get the rear sets to mount perpendicular to the frame. If they didn’t have a shim, the rear set foot pegs would point slightly forward.
The same holds true with the Disco Volante rear sets i am using on this bike. Lesson learned from the last bike… this time BEFORE powder coat, i enlisted a welding buddy to help me create a solid mounting area for the rear sets.
In addition to the rear set mounts, i am also going to fill the holes for the passenger foot pegs and the saddle bag mounts.

BMW R75 swingarm pivot and muffler hanger plate

Rear set mounting hole but notice the gaps.

Small gap on the right side foot peg

In addition to making a better mount for the rear sets, i need to fix the common crack that occurs on the mounting tab. It is often caused by road elements, or the battery drain tube, or rear passenger stress, etc...


New Rear set mount and passenger footpeg and saddle bag holes filled.

Nice and perfect mate between the foot peg and frame.

perpendicular foot peg mount.

another perpendicular shot

Shot of the inner side. My buddy welded the crack and then went a bit overboard with the thickness of the plate he welded to reinforce that area. But I figured it couldn't hurt to have too much metal back there. Especially if that plate will need to handle the weight of somebody's legs/body.

I did a bit of sanding and polishing to smooth the area in preparation for powder coat. It is going to look nice and clean back there instead a stock frame with the passenger footpeg holes and such.