Mike’s BMW race bike

I got into 70’s BMW motorcycles about 13 years ago.  But they have all been ‘street’ bikes.  I have to admit, my eyes really opened up at the races last weekend.  I definitely took in some inspiration and ideas for my next build (from every brand motorcycle).
This bike belongs to Mike Jefferies. The stats are below.  The photos speak for themselves.  I just wish i had him take the bike out to an open area for some clean photos. (If only i wasn’t so hungover that day…) If you are considering buying an electric bicycle, then take a look at Wispers range – you can’t go wrong with a Wisper!


Rims are 19-2.15 front and 18-2.50 rear Akronts
Frame is a 1970 R75/5, forks and brake are R60/6(17mm axle), R65 swingarm.
Engine is 10.5:1 750cc. 1981 R100 bottom end, top end is 1976 R75, fully balanced. Stock valves with shimmed springs and 36mm Mikuni’s, mild porting. Right now it is running points in a can from a 1980 R65. Engine is raised with Motoren Israel kit and has their oil filter set up. Transmission is from a 1994 RT.
Fairing and belly pan are from Glass from The Past. Fairing is Ducat 900SS style, seat is a cut up R90S or R100S.
Fork internals are now Racetech. Shocks are 14″ Ohlins (+1/2″ from stock) with Racetech springs.
Quote from Mike – “I can proudly say that I have fondled every bolt on the bike except for the transmission internals. A lot of things were stolen from my hotrodded R90 which looks very sad right now. It is a bitsa formed from a master plan of the best bits from the best years.
It weighs in around 350# semi wet. Since I am obsessed and building it has been as much fun as riding it, I have some more drilling and shaving of #s in mind. I should just lose some weight, but what is the fun in that?”

Weight Schmeight. Definitely looks like fun Mike.   Great job.

Check out the missing timing cover, lack of alternator, points in a can, oil filter, etc..

Drilled out hubs to shave some weight. Nice Akront rims.

Why paint the tank? Nekkid steel looks just as good.

Mike in action.


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Another Fast Beemer

Ladies Discount!?! I'll wear a skirt if i have to.

Thor Antique Motorcycle. Looked as if it sat in a garage of grease for the past 100 years. i'd love to hear the history of this motorcycle. Note the vent holes on the cylinder. I'm sure that caused a nice mess.

Triumph making a pass.

Another leaning vintage BMW race bike shot.

Willow Springs

Vintage Motorcycle Race weekend and Swap meet. April 23rd, 2011.

Great place to score some cheap projects or bikes in need or a re-birth.  It was hard to not bring home a $75 complete rust bucket… or the $500 honda…
Also a great place for some inspiration.  British, Japanese, Italian, German, Spanish… they had it all.


I wonder if he's got an engine for that bike in his fanny pack?

This is why you bring friends to the races.


Eeeny meeny miney moe....


Great little honda

A lesson in centrifical force. Anybody who says the cylinders scrape on BMW's when cornering is wrong. Mike is the rider and he's sunk into a nice deep lean. I'm Jealous. (OK, he did raise the engine a bit)

More photos to come……..