Pulling steering races from BMW motorcycle frame

I finally broke down and got a race puller from Cycle Works. Here is a step by step on how to pull the steering bearing races from the neck of the frame.

Photo courtesy of Cycle Works

Note the way the split washer sits on the bolt.

The washer needs to go behind the race. You may need to tap it into the neck.

I had to use a few long sockets and extenders to reach the 10mm head of the bolt through the other side of the neck.

When you tighten the nut onto the bolt, it expands the split washer to fit tightly behind the race. This will help pull the race out.

Insert the slice of tube(collar) and attach the nut with the large washer as shown. Make sure the piece of tubing sits centered on the frame aligned so the race can slide out into the tube.

27mm socket to tighten the nut. Breaker bar with socket extension through the neck attached to the 10mm nut on the bolt.

After some torque and cranking, you can feel the race start to pull out into the collar. Eventually, everything will pop out as shown. Save an old race. Next time you use the tool, you can keep an old race in the collar to prevent the collar from warping, and to help guide the next race out.

Cycle Works triple tree bearing removal tool

A while back I finally broke down and purchased some much needed BMW ‘only’ tools from Cycle Works. I’ve made my own tools in certain instances but i had no means of pulling the bearings from the steering column or triple tree neck.
I wish i did this on my own cafe build. I was able to clean the lower triple tree better then ever.

Cycle Works steering stem bearing puller.

Clean lower Triple Tree.

Stay tuned for photos of the races being removed from the steering column…