Ernst Henne poster

Ernst Henne started racing motorcycles when he was 19 back in 1923. Three years later he was a European race champion. By 1937, he achieved 76 land speed records on BMW motorcycles. Records he held onto for 14 years.

He died in 2005 at the age of 101. Probably around the same time i got the poster and tacked it to my wall. I should really get it in a frame…

I received this poster from my biological father, who i never met until i was 25. Turns out, he has a love for motorcycles too. Funny how genetics work like that. I have no idea where he got this poster, but one day it arrived in the mail and i am proud to have it on my garage wall for for the past 6+ years since its arrival.

Ernst Jakob Kenne Poster tacked to my garage wall.