Setback. Frame had to get repainted.

After i got the frame back from the powder coat shop, i kept looking at it in my garage thinking something wasn’t right. It was much too shiny. I got our original paint swatch back and low and behold, it wasn’t the correct color.
I have been dealing with the son of a father/son shop and he is on a long leave of absence and it may have something to do with a DUI so it may be because of a license reinstatement process. The dad is amazing (Mike) and great to deal with. I brought everything back, he was super cool about it. It turns out, that he didn’t know that they were supposed to add an epoxy based clear coat which changes the color of the coating under it. So… after another few weeks of waiting. They finally finished re-masking everything and coating it with the clear coat.
Time to build!!!

Something is wrong. After getting the paint swatch, it was clear the color was incorrect.

Bingo. We have a match. License plate bracket is in the photo

Unwrapped a few more parts. Swatch is in the top left.

Frame and centerstand. To be assembled very soon…

Frame painted. Finally.

I don’t know what went on with my powder coat shop (Hy Tech) but finally, months after I dropped it off, they finished it.
We tried finding a few different powder coatings but nothing matched the Porsche silver we are trying to match to. We did find something else and it is really close to the color we are trying to match.
It is a High Temperature liquid coat that gets sprayed on similar to spraying on powder except it isn’t electronically charged like powder is. It can be applied to other surfaces then metal.
It is a catalyzed Polyurethane that is baked on in an oven. Though not as hot as powder baking… and not as low as baking car paint.
It is a custom silver color that is made for Stop Tech brake calipers. It is resistant to Brake fluid (which eats away any sort of paint). So if this is resistant to brake fluid, you know it is durable stuff.
It doesn’t go on as thick as powder.
And i believe there is a clear coat over top of it…

Like Santa came and left me some presents to unwrap:
Like Santa came and left me some presents to unwrap.
bright silver.
View of the bottom of the swingarm:
View of the bottom of the swingarm.
Center stand, fork legs and rear of the frame:
Center stand, fork legs and rear of the frame.