Tail Light bracket

A few final parts needed to be fitted before I can send everything off for blasting and power coat.
Those include a tail light hanger/bracket and small hangers for the rear turn signals.
I found these great old British turn signals. I have no idea what they are for, but for $35, i had to pick it up. The box is dated 1968 and i thought it would make a great tail light. If anybody has any information on it, please contact me? I’d love to know what it was intended for.

WIPAC British turn signal.

Our new tail light

We also bought another rear tail light that comes with a great hinged license plate bracket just in case the British light didn’t fit or work.
Seeing that the British light would work, i decided to incorporate it with the new license plate bracket (it is the black bracket seen in the next few photos).

I made a prototype bracket to hang the tail light from out of a sheet of aluminum i had laying around. Then sent it to a family friend who is a machinist for Coke. He took my template and made a bracket out of thick stainless steel. He made it a bit larger so i had to trim it down.

Bracket development. The stainless steel is a thick gauge and shouldn't 'unbend'.

Prototype tail light bracket.

I found these nice and small bullet shaped turn signals. I plan to have them blasted and coated to match the rest of the parts. Unfortunately, the small holes on the subframe that I intended to hang them from conflict with the lower edge of the seat cowl. I thought about trimming the seat/fiberglass but it would disturb the lines that the seat makes as it covers subframe.
So i made some small brackets to drop the turn signal down away from the seat.

Bullet rear turn signal

I didn't like how long the stems were so I trimmed them down.

Booty shot.

tail light and rear turn signal

All done. I love a few hours on a Sunday afternoon grinding and drilling metal.