Willow Springs

Vintage Motorcycle Race weekend and Swap meet. April 23rd, 2011.

Great place to score some cheap projects or bikes in need or a re-birth.  It was hard to not bring home a $75 complete rust bucket… or the $500 honda…
Also a great place for some inspiration.  British, Japanese, Italian, German, Spanish… they had it all.


I wonder if he's got an engine for that bike in his fanny pack?

This is why you bring friends to the races.


Eeeny meeny miney moe....


Great little honda

A lesson in centrifical force. Anybody who says the cylinders scrape on BMW's when cornering is wrong. Mike is the rider and he's sunk into a nice deep lean. I'm Jealous. (OK, he did raise the engine a bit)

More photos to come……..

Off to get bike #2

The Palm Desert. The only thing growing out here is wind farms.

Heading out to Mark’s garage in the Palm Desert is like going to a giant candy store. SOooo many bikes…
He has a crazy palette jack that lowers the bikes from the racks.  He brought down BMW #2.  She looks fully complete.  Bummer about the dent in the tank. And bummer,  no title.

BMW up on a shelf. Ummm, yes, i’ll take THAT one.

Brought down from the rafters. A new home awaits! Cool palette system huh?

My buddy Matt Grayson secured a van for us to transport this bike back home.  He had his eye on the Honda CL200 (as did I).  He ended up taking it home for a mere $350.  If he didn’t buy it i was going to.

Honda CL 200

And out of all the bikes out there, i couldn’t get my eyes off of this rinky dink Harley Davidson.  I had to have it just because it is the complete Anti-Harley.  I can’t wait to get this used harleys cleaned up and running then to pull up to a Harley gang at a stop light and see the look on their faces.

’68 Harley Davidson Aermacchi M-65

I see myself headed back there for another bike… eventually.  There are sooo many gems sitting there that i want to get running and ride. Hopefully i can find a home for one of the Triumphs…