BMW clutch plate with flat head screws.

When i took the transmission out of our donor bike (the one with the broken rod), i was a bit surprised when i saw the clutch plate screwed in with flat head screws. Typically they have hex-head screws. I guess BMW did this on the /2 models and some of the bikes leading into the very early 70s. Seeing this also made me wonder if this bike was still on it’s first clutch, 40 years later.

R75/5 engine. Clutch plate with flat head screws.

I tried like crazy to get these screws out. I tried with big screw drivers, screw tips in a ratchet, an air impact drill…and i got nowhere. Only frustrated.

I ordered an impact driver set that comes with a thick flat-head screw bit.
I twisted the driver while whacking it and it took 3 screws out very easily. The other 3 put up a challenge… so out came the propane torch. The the 4th came out easy. The 5th took a bit more work… and well, the 6th…it gave me a nasty blood blister but i finally got it.

I probably spent a total of 1.5 hours or more removing this freaking clutch and flywheel. But i loved every minute of it.