Vapor Blasted heads

Building an airhead BMW that is functional and looks pleasing can be tricky. For example, i got new cylinders from Siebenrock but the aluminum of the clean BMW heads did not match the cylinders.
I thought about different paints and ceramic coatings to use to make them match but the bare aluminum is the most effective way of cooling these machines.

So after some research, i found a place that does Vapor Blasting.
Check out Jeff in Oregon
He has very reasonable prices and is very good about talking to you as he does the work.
I sent the heads to Jeff to have blasted. I am VERY pleased with how shiny they came out. It is probably as close as I am going to get to have them match the cylinders.
I’m still thinking of having the heads clear coated with a coating that supposedly does not adversely effect the heat dissipation. I know nothing will be as good as bare aluminum but i am concerned with the long term looks of this bike and after a few thousand miles, i don’t know if the bare aluminum will stay looking so bright unless every fin gets cleaned after every ride…
I used these guys on my last bike and i can say the parts are a joy to clean vs factory BMW aluminum.

HeadCylP1010505, siebenrock cylinder and R75/5 head

IMAG0656lr, Vapor Blasted BMW R75/5 head with Siebenrock Cylinder

Not a perfect match… but close enough.

IMAG0657, Vapor Blasted BMW head to match Siebenrock Cylinder