Ed Korn Cycle Works Swingarm seal removal tool

Removing these seals is a frustrating process.  Prying them out usually doesn’t get you anywhere.

I bought Ed Korn’s tool a while back and it can be used for pulling both the races, and the seals.

Here is how you use it to pull the seals.

Here is the tool assembled



I first cut out some of the seal’s rubber with a razor blade.
It was easier to get the tool installed that way.




Then you tighten the threaded rod with the allen fitting at the end of it.  By doing so, it expands the nut against the screws and presses them outward so they ‘catch’ under the metal part of the seal.

Then you install the collar, plate and washer and nut.


Once you begin tightening that nut, it will pull the seal out into the collar.
You can then loosen the nut, and break the old seal free with a few taps with a hammer.




Cycle Works triple tree bearing removal tool

A while back I finally broke down and purchased some much needed BMW ‘only’ tools from Cycle Works. I’ve made my own tools in certain instances but i had no means of pulling the bearings from the steering column or triple tree neck.
I wish i did this on my own cafe build. I was able to clean the lower triple tree better then ever.

Cycle Works steering stem bearing puller.

Clean lower Triple Tree.

Stay tuned for photos of the races being removed from the steering column…