Case Cleaning 101

Spent an hour or two on some elbow grease this weekend.
I’ve seen worse engines but no matter, they all get nasty.
I hit it with some Engine Brite foam, a screwdriver to scrape off all the crap, a toothbrush, some highly concentrated Simple Green, water, occasional spray of some carb cleaner for those hard to reach places, and i’m still not done! There are parts of this engine that hasn’t seen the light of day in 40 years. At least now i can pick it up without getting my hands dirty.

I’ll do another round of cleaning and then I’m probably going to paint it with some high heat engine enamel… probably. It seemed to work the best out of the past 2 engines I’ve cleaned.

Dirty BMW R75/5 motorcycle engine case

Clean BMW R75/5 motorcycle engine case