It is starting to look like a bike again

I’ve been putting time in on the bike but not keeping up on the blog. Work has been nuts lately and I need the garage time much more then additional screen time.

The bike is starting to look like a motorcycle again. I have some old wheels as ‘stand ins’ until i get rubber on the new rims.
The rest of the bike is ‘finger tight’ at the moment. I’ll start tightening everything down once i have more of the actual parts ready, and the bodywork is done.

I customized a BoxerMetal fender elimination plate to fit a SWB bike. It took about 22 walks to the bike, test fit, trim, and repeat until it fit properly. It also required some additional bending.
This plate will also hold the battery under the seat’s tail section.

Front brake mounted to the forks. Nice and polished brake arms:

Starting to look like a Motorcycle again!!!

Starting to figure out the bodywork. I love how my 2002 is reflected in the toaster panel.

I think we are going to go with a 3inch racing stripe down the middle:

3 inches on the tail too:

Emblem is going to look nice… all i have lying around is a tank emblem that fits the tail emboss.

I can’t wait to ride this thing…

I trimmed the front fender a bit and moved the rear fender bracket up the fender a bit. I was thinking of taking a bit more off the front of the fender but can’t bring myself to do it yet. I’m not sure it is necessary.