Custom Battery cables

Due to relocating the battery I had to make some custom battery cables. One has to run from battery (located in the tail section of the seat) to the starter and the negative cable will most likely ground on the transmission near the shifter instead of at the speedometer cable.

I bought some #4 Welding cable. It is a nice and thick gauge wire, and flexible.

I stripped the wire and found a few different sized terminals. This terminal end will connect to the battery.

Pre-Crimping. FWIW, this crimper is really heavy and cumbersome but works pretty good.


Cleaned up with Heat Shrink covering.

In addition to the positive wire that connects to the starter, I made a small positive lead to connect to the main harness positive lead. I used the same crimper and it came out great.

Built a battery bracket

Got the Shorai battery and luckily it fits under the tail section as I had hoped. It only weights about 3 lbs so it shouldn’t be a weight issue. It will just be a matter of running the wires in discreet places.

I bought some aluminum to make a cage and bracket for it.

I cut the two ‘L’ brackets to create bumpers from preventing the battery from moving forward or backward.Then started bending the aluminum strip to make a srtap like bracket to hold the battery from moving left/right or uo/down.

I marked the footing and drilled some holes. I purposely offset the bracket to not interfere with the outlet on the battery for the Shorai battery tender.


Shorai Battery Arrived

In order to size everything prior to paint, i had to order the battery. I want to build a bracket and make sure everything fits under the tail section.
We got a Shorai Battery and holy smokes, it weighs NOTHING. Well, actually, about 3 pounds. But still…
It is a bit thicker then i had anticipated but so far it doesn’t seem like it will be a problem.
What I am most impressed by is that they sent the battery packed in closed cell foam pieces.
I’m sure this was done for protection in shipping but also for those using this battery and who need to fill all the empty space left from going to a massive, heavy battery to a lightweight and smaller Shorai Lithium Battery.