Venice Vintage Motorcycle Rally 2012

Just some quick snapshot photos of the day.
It started with a massive group photo of 100’s of bikes at 9AM.
Then a ride up PCH.
Then a party and judging contest on Venice Blvd.
I was there for the beginning and to see some of the winning bikes. Overall it was a good day. Lots of amazing bikes. Hot weather. Cool crowd and some really cool vendors. I’m already looking forward to next year!

Here is where it started… In line with a bunch of other bikes.

For some reason, they broke they broke us into two groups as traffic passed between on Pacific. I’m curious to see how this massive group photo turns out.

My bike in a sea of iron and sweat.

A nice R69S reflected in the tank of my bike.

Great old Norton and the R69

Getting ready to ride

The winning cafe bike (i think).

A 1939 R35 BMW that won ‘best in show’. Well deserved. Congrats to whoever owns it.