The Bridgestone 175 Hurricane Scrambler

I have no idea what draws us to certain bikes… but I saw this for sale, cheap, and I had to get it.  I think the toaster tank had something to do with it.    It is a 1967 Bridgestone 175 Hurricane Scrambler.

I’m waiting for a bunch of custom BMW parts (in development), that this seemed like a good place to put that antsy restoration energy.

Supposedly, Bridgestone made such great bikes that they were pressured by other Japanese motorcycle companies to stop making motorcycles, otherwise the other companies would stop buying the Bridgestone tires.


1967 Bridgestone 175 HS

1967 Bridgestone 175 HS

This bike arrived a bit rougher then I expected.  With some help of a mechanic genius at the Oshmo shop, we got it running.
It had a weak spark so I waited about a month for some parts to arrive, replaced the coils and with the help of my daughter, we got it fired up with one kick.

I have no idea why I am going to sink time and money into this bike… but she is going to get torn down for a complete restoration with some custom bits thrown in.

Stay tuned for some 2 stroke updates…