Broken rod, engine bits, and frame jig

My garage has a problem. It isn’t big enough.
I have a few projects going… one is to use some of the parts left over from my last restoration and build a scrambler style bike. The big issue is that the engine I have for it has a broken rod wedged into the crank. I have no idea what the previous owner did but he will be damned into BMW hell forever.
I started working with a buddy who has an entire auto shop and he had the tools to help me get this out. By tools, I mean lots of heat.


We are going to try our hand at rebuilding this engine and replace what is necessary. We are going to have the crank balanced because this broken rod may have done some damage.


I think it will be fine though…

My other project is a R90/6 that I have. Actually, I have one complete bike and a bunch of parts from another R90/6 including the frame, engine, forks, etc…

So before I get started on either of them, it is time to see if the frames are even worthy of restoration.
Gotta get Jiggy with it:


One R90 frame lines up in the target so that is the one I will work with (as soon as I get it titled):