BMW Black Gold – Update

Well, the bike runs thanks to the help of a local BMW genius.
But it wasn’t without a bunch more setbacks.
After an hour or so of scratching our heads, we found out that the starter relay was bad. I had a real old ratty one to replace it with and despite all the rust, it worked.
The rear set bracket I made was pinching a bit and made shifting really tight. We had to make a new shift rod. We actually made one out of a R65 pushrod.
The front forks were really stiff which ended up being due to the high weight fork oil. I drained and checked for stiction, then added lighter oil and all is well.

I took it for a break-in ride and it rides and sounds amazing.
After the break in though, the idle was not setting properly. The old /5 carbs were nasty and saw a bit too much action in their day… and i think despite the rebuild, there is nothing you can do with worn parts.
I’ll be replacing the carbs soon so fingers crossed she’ll run a bit smoother. I hope to have it dialed in this weekend.

I still have some finishing touches to do as well. Almost to the finish line. Almost.

Here’s $60 of BMW’s texas tea: