Built a battery bracket

Got the Shorai battery and luckily it fits under the tail section as I had hoped. It only weights about 3 lbs so it shouldn’t be a weight issue. It will just be a matter of running the wires in discreet places.

I bought some aluminum to make a cage and bracket for it.

I cut the two ‘L’ brackets to create bumpers from preventing the battery from moving forward or backward.Then started bending the aluminum strip to make a srtap like bracket to hold the battery from moving left/right or uo/down.

I marked the footing and drilled some holes. I purposely offset the bracket to not interfere with the outlet on the battery for the Shorai battery tender.


1 thought on “Built a battery bracket

  1. Hello, Nice battery. I also tried to install LiFePO4 battery (ordered plain cells from China – quite cheap solution) to my R80 caferacer. Unfortunately temporary charging failure drained and killed that battery after 2nd test ride.

    Now I doubt if I should buy another, because I found that there is another problem – my charging gives usually 13.7 V. This is not sufficient voltage to charge that battery and there is high chance that cell balance will be ruined quickly causing battery failure 🙁 Are you aware of this charging problem and how did you solved it?

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