Prepping Engine for rebuild

I wish i had the knowledge and experience to rebuild this by myself. I’ve participated in the last two rebuilds of my other BMW engines and i definitely plan on building one myself but since this bike isn’t mine, i want to make sure it gets done right.
I spent some time looking over the block and doing some more cleaning.

Some inner bits and parts. Some clean, some not.

I noticed the front of the oil filter cover was chewed up along the rear edge.

I cringe every time i drag this beast out. It came from a ‘donor’ bike that a previous owner completely killed. The rod broke and engine is toast. The rest of the bike was in horrible shape as well (melted wiring, thrashed subframe, etc) . I pulled this out to yank off the oil filter cover plate and then noticed that the diode board bolts are brand new, in addition to a few other odds and ends. I think there is an aftermarket rotor on there too. This bike will always make me wonder what the history is. Hopefully someday i can resurrect it. :

Cleaned up parts, polished dipstick, super clean and shiny oil filter cover from the donor bike.

Boxed up and ready to send to San Francisco for a rebuild at Recommended Service: