BMW Cafe tail and seat

A while back, we purchased some fiberglass parts from Craig at Boxer Cafe. Craig has been great to work with and talk to. He even made a custom front fender specially for us.

As with building any custom bike, the parts you buy may not be perfect. They usually require some modification. But they are a great starting point.

Here is a rolling mock up of the bike build before i completely tore everything apart for rebuild and powder coat:

Craig didn’t have seat pans ready when we purchased the bodywork so a month or so later, the seat pan arrived:

It was good to test fit and take notice of the specific clearances/gaps/and spaces we had to work with:

The lower front corners of the seat pan had a sharp corner to it. I thought it would end up tearing fabric over time so i rounded it out.

The seat went to Autos International in San Diego for upholstery.

Thankfully, somebody in the upholster shop has a keen eye and noticed that the seat pan is slightly uneven. The tail sections (seat Cowl) and seat pan are not symmetrical parts but should fit the bike without uneven gaps and without looking crooked.

So the seat came back to my garage (that I recently renovated with the help of professionals from garage door repair dallas) with the foam attached and thankfully it did. I re-test fit everything and then shaved down some areas to even the gap between the tank and the seat.

Again, I’m glad the seat came back into my hands because I also realize that the foam was a bit too high. It made the seat just a bit too tall. I’m only 5’9″ and the bike’s owner is a bit shorter then I am. So some foam has to go so we can touch the ground with both feet.

More notes for the upholstery shop:

The seat was returned about a month later and it looks stunning. Smells good too! And great craftsmanship.

Seat and Tail together. I can’t wait to have this on a running bike.

I am probably going to do one final modification. There is a small piece of the tail piece that sticks out under the seat. I am going to shave it down before the tail piece goes to get painted.