One Bike Naked, one to go get

Space it a bit limited in my garage.  I made a promise to myself that i would tear apart one motorcycle and organize all the parts before i acquire another one.  So, on a sunny sunday, i had this poor gal torn down in about two hours.

BMW Donor Bike #1. She's in sad shape. This is how it looked in the rear of my car.

BMW bits ready for Boxing

Engine (other side has a broken rod), wheel, some goofy home made center stand

Naked frame. Just gotta remove the triple tree, steering bearings and swingarm bearings

I finally decided to get one of Ed Korn’s bearing / race pullers.  I love having a new tool in the arsenal (ha ha, i said tool). I look forward to pulling the races out of the frame…. but i’ll save that for another day. Time to pack all this stuff up and stash it under my stack of surboards in my garage.  And, the best part… time to get bike #2!