Welded rear main frame

My old welder went to work for Apple… the nerve of him! Instead of molding metal, he is now working with Jony Ive designing high end plastic components to contribute to the distractions and communications of the universe. Oh well… we all need to expand our career horizons.
I got connected with a new welder and the guy is an artist! Just like the last bike, we filled the holes on the rear main frame tab, added a permanent boss for the rear sets, and reinforced the bottom corner that always cracks. He went crazy and boxed it in. It looks amazing and that rear area will never flex again.



Old Steering Bearings

I am glad I am doing a complete rebuild of this bike. The steering was a bit stiff and not smooth. Once I got the neck out of the frame, I realized why.
Rusted Steering bearings.
Since the frame is going to be powder coated, the races have to come out anyway. I could see somebody buying the bike and not getting this deep into the restoration and it would be dangerous to ride with bearings like that.
These went straight to the trash.