The new BMW R90S Concept bike

I was just having a conversation with a buddy 2 days ago about how BMW should ‘remake’ one of their old bikes.
Triumph did it with the Bonneville. Ducati has the Paul Smart bikes (which i love).
Well, here it is. The homage BMW R90S.
The original R90S is a true classic.
While the new bike looks amazing… i fear that it looks too much like a new bike and not enough like a classic.
Of course, i’d still love one in my garage….


I have a bunch of build and tech updates I need to write but the bike is done!
I had some charging issues that i had to figure out (alternator).
Carbs couldn’t idle low enough so I got a new-ish set of 32mm Bings from an ’84 GS and they work great.
Suspension is tight which can be painful on these horrible Los Angeles roads. I am playing with spring rates and dampening after each ride.
The biggest trouble right now is keeping it clean! I got about 80 miles on the clock.

Glamor photos to come… But her modeling career has begun!