Custom Battery cables

Due to relocating the battery I had to make some custom battery cables. One has to run from battery (located in the tail section of the seat) to the starter and the negative cable will most likely ground on the transmission near the shifter instead of at the speedometer cable.

I bought some #4 Welding cable. It is a nice and thick gauge wire, and flexible.

I stripped the wire and found a few different sized terminals. This terminal end will connect to the battery.

Pre-Crimping. FWIW, this crimper is really heavy and cumbersome but works pretty good.


Cleaned up with Heat Shrink covering.

In addition to the positive wire that connects to the starter, I made a small positive lead to connect to the main harness positive lead. I used the same crimper and it came out great.

The First Full Face Helmet

Dan Gurney, 1960

‘Dan worked with Bell Helmets in California where he helped to develop the first full face helmet. He had seen motorcycle racers wear similar ones at Ascot Raceway in California. Dan wore the first full face helmet at Indianapolis in 1968 and then also introduced it to Formula I racing at the British and German Grand Prix in 1968.’

– Evi Gurney, via The Chicane


Cad Plating

A friend turned me onto the idea of having those old, nasty nuts and bolts cad plated.
After disassembling 4 BMW motorcycles over the years, i developed a few ziplock bags of rusted, filthy, oxidized junk.

After i gathered everything up in a tupperware container, it weighed close to 50 lbs.

I should have had this done before my latest restoration but nothing will beat the stainless steel hardware I have used throughout the bike.

This will, however, save me lots of money and trips to the hardware store.

It was a heavy load for one saddle bag. My bike was all over the road having ‘dead weight’ on one side of the bike.

These were pretty much un-usable parts. I threw in some fork plates, rusted axles, and other bits just to see what would happen. Whatever was aluminum couldn’t be plated but they got blasted clean anyway.

A day later and $80 out of my pocket and into the pocket of the guy who did this ‘under the table’ and this is what I got.

I spent about 3 hours watching TV, drinking beer and organizing everything. I would have been watching TV and drinking beer anyway…
And at anywhere from $.07 – $.60 per washer, bolt, nut and screw from the hardware store or from BMW (some parts are $2 or more), I think just the contents of this container is worth it.

cable beginnings

Starting to get the wiring and cables figured out.

The wiring comes pretty easy for me. Understanding the diagrams on a /5 is not too difficult. The headlight bucket will probably get buttoned up last. I have a battery cable ran from behind the seat to the starter. I need to modify the main harness a bit to reach the relocated battery. I need to make a ground cable for the battery.

I found a nice hiding place for the Dyna electronic ignition.

I used some closed cell foam to protect the frame from getting scratched when i tighten it down.

I snuck this baby into a hidden no man’s land on these bikes. I’ve been told they need some air on them to keep cool (don’t quote me on that) so if that is true, this location will get the air and nobody will notice it.

I am getting the basic wires ran and then once everything is in it’s place, I will tidy this up even more.


I wish i didn’t need all this crap… but it is essential.
2 throttle cables, switch wiring, brake switch and wires, brake cable…
I am going to get some new cables made. i am running the old ones for sizing and fitting. The only problem is they are filthy.


It took me about 20 minutes to dig these up. I threw one brake cable retainer on the polishing wheel. That will work for the other one but the rest of the stuff is NASTY. I am thinking of getting a big batch of nuts and bolts cad-plated. It will save me from all those $7 trips to the hardware store to buy new nuts and bolts. More on that later.