BMW clutch plate with flat head screws.

When i took the transmission out of our donor bike (the one with the broken rod), i was a bit surprised when i saw the clutch plate screwed in with flat head screws. Typically they have hex-head screws. I guess BMW did this on the /2 models and some of the bikes leading into the very early 70s. Seeing this also made me wonder if this bike was still on it’s first clutch, 40 years later.

R75/5 engine. Clutch plate with flat head screws.

I tried like crazy to get these screws out. I tried with big screw drivers, screw tips in a ratchet, an air impact drill…and i got nowhere. Only frustrated.

I ordered an impact driver set that comes with a thick flat-head screw bit.
I twisted the driver while whacking it and it took 3 screws out very easily. The other 3 put up a challenge… so out came the propane torch. The the 4th came out easy. The 5th took a bit more work… and well, the 6th…it gave me a nasty blood blister but i finally got it.

I probably spent a total of 1.5 hours or more removing this freaking clutch and flywheel. But i loved every minute of it.

Fender Trimming

While i was cutting up the headlight ears, i figured i might as well start trimming and fitting the fenders.

I hope to add some sort of rear fender under the seat to protect all the road grime and pebbles from getting kicked up into the engine area. On one of the donor bikes we acquired, the rear fender had the typical cracks where the mounting points are. But that damage was at the rear mounting points. I’m glad i held onto it because i realized that the two front mounting points have good fiberglass still. I cut the fender down and started fitting it under the seat and with the battery relocation kit.

Typical fiberglass crack on these old fenders.

Nice and whole.

Chop Suey!

It breaks my heart to cut up a brand new fender like this… but i definitely don’t want or need the massive size of the stock fender. So… off goes a few inches. I’ll let the person who preps this for paint do all the clean up and round the edges.

Front Fender custom made for me! Thanks to the guys at

Chopped up. The edges still need to be rounded and cleaned up.

Front fender with a test racing stripe

Photos of the rear fender mounted on the bike to come… I still have some trouble shooting to do with the cafe seat…

San Jose Triple Clamp Preparation

I received a San Jose billet machined upper Triple Clamp the other day. I also went on e-bay and got some headlight ears without the giant holes in the side for the reflectors commonly seen on the /5 BMWs. I believe these headlight ears are from a mid 70’s /6 bmw.
The solid-sided headlight ears will definitely be a cleaner look.
In order to adapt the much more rigid, and better looking fork brace, about .65 inches need to be trimmed from the top of the headlight ears.

San Jose Upper Triple Clamp - My other one is equally scratched. But looks better/or worse at certain angles. It must be the machining process. I don't think i want to powder coat this. The bare alloy looks nice despite the scratches.

Headlight ears and tripple clamp. The ear on the right shows the trimmed piece. The ear on the left illustrates the line for cutting.

I did a quick silver rattle can spray of the headlight ears and roughly threw together the front end to test fit everything.
Also, most aftermarket handlebars are 7/8 sized bars. BMW bars are 22mm which required shaving out the inside of the handlebar clamps for a better fit. Everything seems to fit nicely. She’s gonna be one fine silver beast.

Test assembly of the forks, triple clamp, headlight ears, and handle bar clamps.

update on the /5 tear down

She’s mighty naked.  i gave her  a quick rattle can paint on the frame to get an idea of what a silver frame will look like. The wheels are out getting the bearings removed and then i will de-lace them… so i can get the hubs powder coated.  I’ll slap another set of wheels on there in the meantime.

Next on my list are:

–Trim down a rear fender so you can barely notice it yet it will protect the bike’s frame innards from getting crap kicked up into it.

–Trim the headlight ears for a Billet upper fork brace modification.

Order some rear sets and weld a reinforcement plate to connect the rear sets to (near the passenger peg location).

It feels like Christmas. New rims and mufflers.

Not to much build progress has happened on the Cafe bike lately.    However, i have gone on a bit of a shopping spree.

In the mail, i got some pleasant packages from across the pond in Europe.

The gentleman i am building the bike for wanted to steer clear of all the traditional exhaust.  I couldn’t agree more and wish i could take credit for his idea.  Though it will complicate the build process, i am more then willing to take on the task.  After some hunting, we discovered some pipes from a R12 BMW motorcycle.  The R12’s were made in the 30s and 40s by BMW… and have completely different dimensions of a 70’s BMW pipe size and mounting region… but adapting it is all part of the fun!

Vintage Exhaust from a VERY old R12 BMW

But then the mother load came!

box from england... oh boy...

nice wrapping job! definitely like chirstmas!

Wheels!  Wheedo!  I ordered a set for my bike too (one rim is back ordered)… and hot damn, they sure look SWEET!


Yep! That's what we ordered. Spain's Akronts... via England.

I can’t wait to lace these on some clean, powdercoated hubs.  this bike is going to look so tasty. the wide shouldered Morad / Akront wheels are definitely the vintage, bad ass touch…