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Willow Springs

2011 April 25
by Dirty Fingernails

Vintage Motorcycle Race weekend and Swap meet. April 23rd, 2011.

Great place to score some cheap projects or bikes in need or a re-birth.  It was hard to not bring home a $75 complete rust bucket… or the $500 honda…
Also a great place for some inspiration.  British, Japanese, Italian, German, Spanish… they had it all.


I wonder if he's got an engine for that bike in his fanny pack?

This is why you bring friends to the races.


Eeeny meeny miney moe....


Great little honda

A lesson in centrifical force. Anybody who says the cylinders scrape on BMW's when cornering is wrong. Mike is the rider and he's sunk into a nice deep lean. I'm Jealous. (OK, he did raise the engine a bit)

More photos to come……..

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