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Stripping her down for some pushing

2011 March 23
by Dirty Fingernails

Title time. I gotta get this baby to DMV to get the VIN inspected and into the ‘system’ so i can get a title.  There is a DMV  1.4 miles from my house (according to google maps). Hopefully they will issue a title there but i have a feeling a second inspection by the Highway Patrol is necessary.  I went through something similar when i put a different engine in my last build.

Unfortunately I’m gonna have to push it that 1.4 miles.  Luckily it is flat.
I took everything off that i possibly could while maintaining the appearance of a motorcycle.  No transmission, no fenders, no seat, no tank.  She’s actually pretty light after all that stuff is off.
And thankfully the tires still hold air.

Stripped down R75/5

Stripped down R75/5

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