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And so it begins…

2011 March 13
by Dirty Fingernails

Another bike build. I have stumbled upon some fortunate luck (but somebody once said luck is when an opportunity comes along and you’re prepared for it). Every few weeks, I seem to get a random email about my last bike build. Somebody will compliment me, or ask me how i made something, or what parts i used… but one came in a few months ago that caught my eye. This one was different. It was VERY complimentary, honest and came with an inquiry to build another bike for author. Before i knew it, phone conversations were made, we hit it off, and game on. Time to find a donor bike to turn into a cafe bike like mine. I couldn’t be happier to have a project like this going for a guy who appreciates my taste in BMW motorcycles. Time to get to work…
a 4 year long cafe bike build – my last bike photographed by one of my Photoshop students, R. Alberti.

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