DMV-Done. Eye Candy – Mark’s Bikes

I pushed the BMW to the DMV. They inspected it. Took my money. Put the bike into the ‘system’ and told me that i had to take it to the California Highway Patrol for a VIN inspection to verify it wasn’t stolen.
Went to the Torrance CHP a week later and the Officer was really cool to talk to.  He had some great stories of people sending frames to Japan, a recent inspection he did on a Kawasaki that turned out to be stolen in 1983 and he is trying to find the original owner to return the bike to, etc…
Imagine getting something stolen 25 years ago and then getting it back?Since i have no photos to update the progress on the BMW, i figured i’d showcase some of Mark’s collection that to my knowledge, is still for sale.  Contact me if you are interested in any of the bikes below.

Awesome Jawa. I've been advise to not even try riding it. These things are SUPER dangerous and unintuitive. Apparently you give it gas when you want to brake. it sure looks fun though.

Early 70s (i think) Triumph T100r 500cc bike. Not sure what the deal is with that peanut tank.

I think this is a 73 Bultaco. Maybe 78. Another bike i'd LOVE to ride.

Yamaha RD400. I want somebody i know to buy this and fix it up so i can ride it. Please?

Yamaha SR 500 - This would be a great cafe project...or something to trick out.

10 speed Kawasaki Trail Boss. I have my eyes on this guy.... looks simple, complete and FUN.

One of the many Yamaha dirt bikes up on the rack.

Anybody have $28k, a garage, and a dog?

This thing is great.  i actually saw this while coming out of my dentist’s office. It was fresh out of the trailer and onto a used car lot. I heard something trying to start, and then stall out. Finally i heard the engine roar and around the corner came a guy ripping around the parking lot on this baby. The red is unmistakable. And the guy looked like he was having fun!
I think the asking price is a bit high… and i’d need a garage to keep it in… and a dog to ride shotgun. But will gladly accept a donation of all 3.

For more info on Chang Jiang:
Starting sequence –



Stripping her down for some pushing

Title time. I gotta get this baby to DMV to get the VIN inspected and into the ‘system’ so i can get a title.  There is a DMV  1.4 miles from my house (according to google maps). Hopefully they will issue a title there but i have a feeling a second inspection by the Highway Patrol is necessary.  I went through something similar when i put a different engine in my last build.

Unfortunately I’m gonna have to push it that 1.4 miles.  Luckily it is flat.
I took everything off that i possibly could while maintaining the appearance of a motorcycle.  No transmission, no fenders, no seat, no tank.  She’s actually pretty light after all that stuff is off.
And thankfully the tires still hold air.

Stripped down R75/5

Stripped down R75/5

The Clock

Great BMW sidecar photo

I’ve always told myself that when i have a MASSIVE garage, i will get a motorcycle with a sidecar, and a dog that will ride in it.  This guy is living my dream.

…My dog (when i get one) will also know how to catch a frisbee.

More can be read about Dave Edwards here:

Off to get bike #2

The Palm Desert. The only thing growing out here is wind farms.

Heading out to Mark’s garage in the Palm Desert is like going to a giant candy store. SOooo many bikes…
He has a crazy palette jack that lowers the bikes from the racks.  He brought down BMW #2.  She looks fully complete.  Bummer about the dent in the tank. And bummer,  no title.

BMW up on a shelf. Ummm, yes, i'll take THAT one.

Brought down from the rafters. A new home awaits! Cool palette system huh?

My buddy Matt Grayson secured a van for us to transport this bike back home.  He had his eye on the Honda CL200 (as did I).  He ended up taking it home for a mere $350.  If he didn’t buy it i was going to.

Honda CL 200

And out of all the bikes out there, i couldn’t get my eyes off of this rinky dink Harley Davidson.  I had to have it just because it is the complete Anti-Harley.  I can’t wait to get it cleaned up and running then to pull up to a Harley gang at a stop light and see the look on their faces.

'68 Harley Davidson Aermacchi M-65

I see myself headed back there for another bike… eventually.  There are sooo many gems sitting there that i want to get running and ride. Hopefully i can find a home for one of the Triumphs…