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ID plate

2014 April 11
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by Dirty Fingernails

Time to stamp some new numbers on the R75/5 ID plate. The old one was just too nasty…



Riveted to the frame.

That Damn Steering Lock!

2014 April 10
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by Dirty Fingernails

It is hard to explain the time it takes to build one of these bikes.
I totally forgot that the new BMW steering lock kit needs modifications. It was one of those jobs that should take 5 minutes and instead took over 45 minutes.
I first installed the lock and realized it wasn’t activating properly.
And then scratched my head and I remembered that I have to modify it as seen in this post:
So here it goes.

And then it came time to add the cover and quickly realized that it needs modifications as well.
Here is the front side of a new cover, and an old one I had cad plated:
Here is the rear:
IMG_4192It takes a care amount of time to rout out the rear of the plate for the notch on the frame that guides the cover as you open and close it. It isn’t a perfect work of art but luckily nobody will ever see the rear of this cover.

Powder Coating is back!

2014 April 7
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by Dirty Fingernails

It is like being a kid on Christmas morning again! I love ripping the wrapping paper off these parts.




Future Projects

2014 March 27
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by Dirty Fingernails

While the R75 bits are out of my hands, it was time for a R90/6 day!
I bought two R90/6 bikes last summer from the same person. One had a title, one did not. Even though I had the title, the bike wasn’t registered since 1994 and after the North Ridge earthquake, it got parked and sat ever since.
It has a deep oil pan, lightened flywheel, dual plugged heads, beefy triple tree, fork brace, and a few other goodies.

I took it partially apart for transport to my house in my station wagon last summer:

Once i got home, i took the whole bike apart. Then I tried to get it registered.
The DMV wouldn’t touch it because it was out of the system, so I slapped it together for a trip to the CHP.
I had the officer inspect the VIN of the other bike (without title) and he said it checks out as well.

The transmission and swingarm are empty. no carbs. no instruments. I basically had to make it look like a bike just so it could get verified.



Then I went off to my buddy’s house to get his wrecked R60/6.
He pulled out into traffic and got hit by a lawyer in a Jaguar. The BMW cylinders saved his live. He walked away with just a scratch on his leg. On a different bike, his leg would have been crushed but the car hit the cylinder instead.
The Helmet he had on helped too.
I am going to get this looking like a bike again for him. We hope to have some fun with it in the process… we are thinking of blacking everything out, and making this a sleek, trimmed down cafe bike.




Torn down and ready for paint and powder

2014 March 24
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by Dirty Fingernails

The body work has been sent to the painter.
And all the metal bits have been blasted and brought to the powder coating shop.
I stopped by the shop to go over all the masking of what should get plugged and masked from the powder coat.

Making Progress!

When this stuff comes back, it will be beautiful.



My kind of jewelry

2014 February 23
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by Dirty Fingernails

I can’t wait to get this stuff on the bike. yum.


Welded rear main frame

2014 February 22
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by Dirty Fingernails

My old welder went to work for Apple… the nerve of him! Instead of molding metal, he is now working with Jony Ive designing high end plastic components to contribute to the distractions and communications of the universe. Oh well… we all need to expand our career horizons.
I got connected with a new welder and the guy is an artist! Just like the last bike, we filled the holes on the rear main frame tab, added a permanent boss for the rear sets, and reinforced the bottom corner that always cracks. He went crazy and boxed it in. It looks amazing and that rear area will never flex again.